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CSA Share Options

Here you can find out about the nuts and bolts of our different farm share options, including what they're like, and times of the year they're available. Please read on below for details about our certified organic vegetable shares. If you'd like to find out more about what a CSA is and how it works, please visit our CSA FAQs page.

With your weekly vegetable share, you can also pick up various share options. Details about our Fruit Shares, Egg Shares, Mushroom Shares and Flower Shares are below. You can also have your share delivered in some locations, often by bikers!

In January, February and March we have a 100% local share option that you can find out more about below as well: Locavore Deep Winter CSA.

There are a couple producers who distribute shares at the same time as our pickups with more local CSA options. Sawmill Farm is offering fresh Medicinal Herb Shares! And there are Bread Shares by Hungry Ghost Bread!

Vegetable SharEs

Our Summer Share options last for 20 weeks, from June through October and we offer two sizes, Regular and Small. Each week contains a seasonal harvest selection of delicious organic vegetables from our farm.

To see when things are in season, check our season chart.
For examples of what comes in the weekly shares, please see What's in a CSA Share.

Regular Summer Vegetable Share
We recommend a Regular share for 2-4 people, two veggie-loving people who cook most meals, or a family of four who cook less frequently. Typically includes 10-12 varieties per week. If you have a large family, we recommend getting two or more shares. (The Regular share size is the same as the vegetable share we have been offering for years)

Includes a summer season of Pick Your Own (PYO) at the farm.

*The Regular size share is the best deal for the produce.

Small Summer Vegetable Share

We also offer a Small share, which is great for individuals, couples, or those who wish to supplement their home gardens. Typically includes 6-8 varieties per week. This share may not include all the variety of produce that you would see in the Regular share season.

Includes half of the amount of PYO at the farm as the Regular share.

Summer Share Size Weekly Price 20 week Total Types of Produce in Weekly Share
Small Share Western MA $24.50/wk $490 6-8 varieties
Small Share Boston Area & Worcester $25.90/wk $518 6-8 varieties
Regular Share Western MA $31.25/wk $625* 10-12 varieties
Regular Share Boston Area & Worcester $33.00/wk $660* 10-12 varieties
Please see the CSA Sign Up forms for most updated pricing. Our Regular Shares also offer a *sliding scale for helping lower income members.


Fall Season Vegetable Share - can be combined with Summer for 24 weeks of produce
Fall season produce like potatoes, winter squash, onions, frost-sweetened greens and much more, all certified organic and fresh from our farm. Pickups every other week in Nov. and Dec. (Thursdays and Fridays). The Fall part of the season has only one size, good for 2-4 people.

Please see the sign up forms on the Join the CSA page for pricing.

NOTE: for some sites only Summer Season shares are available, though you can switch to picking up in another location for the Fall distributions - see specifics when you go to sign up.

Our vegetable shares are Certified Organic!

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Mushroom Shares *New*

Fresh locally-grown mushrooms. Shares come with 1/3 lbs of mushrooms each week. Blue oyster, yellow oyster, king oyster, shiitake, and lion's mane varieties will be harvested over the season, all from Fungi Ally in Hadley, MA. Wonderful and flavorful mushrooms to enrich your cooking!

Shares start in June when the vegetable shares start and go through the Summer CSA season, for 20 weeks.

You may purchase Mushroom Shares separately from Vegetable Shares.

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Egg Shares

Pasture-raised hens are making delicious, nutrient-rich eggs for us to share with you. Shares come with a half-dozen eggs each week about, with some weeks in the early season without eggs and later weeks with double eggs, in season with the laying of the chickens.  Rotated on fresh pasture and raised on certified-organic grain.

Check out this little video we made about newly-arrived chicks!

Shares start in June when the vegetable shares start and go through the CSA season, either October or December.

You must also have a regular produce share in order to purchase an egg share.

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Flower Shares

Take home gorgeous bouquets each week to brighten your table.

Enjoy a season of fresh local flowers! Organically-grown. Flower shares include a weekly bouquet of flowers picked fresh on our farm and delivered along with your produce share. Your ten weeks of flowers will begin in late June or early July, when the flowers are blooming.

We’re growing a gorgeous field of snapdragons, sweet peas, many types of sunflowers, larkspur, zinnias, gladiolas, cosmos, ornamental grasses, celosia and many others.  In the late season dried flower bouquets may be included. Available at all Red Fire Farm distribution locations. Flower shares cost $120 for the ten week season.

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Fruit Shares

The Summer Fruit Share is 20 weeks of locally grown fruit. We have a limited number of fruit shares available, so sign up early to reserve one. You must also have a vegetable share in order to purchase a fruit share.

This share provides one fruit unit per week. Example units are one quart of strawberries, one pint of blueberries, 1.5-quart box of peaches, or a 1/2-peck of apples. The season lasts for twenty weeks and begins in June with Strawberries. As the season goes on, it includes Blueberries, Plums, Peaches, Raspberries, Melons and a wide variety of Apples in the fall.

Some of the berries and melons included in this share are grown by Red Fire Farm and are certified organic. Most of the fruit, however, will be grown and harvested from other Pioneer Valley fruit farms. These farms use low spray Integrated Pest Management on their crops, but the fruit is not organic.

Farms supplying fruit include River Valley Farm (blueberries), Warner Farm (strawberries), Cold Spring Orchard (peaches, plums, pears, apples), Apex Orchard (peaches, apples), and Czajkowski Farm (peaches, berries).

The Summer Fruit Share Option costs $205 per share for the season. It is a comparable value to buying the fruit at farmers' market prices, and ensures that you will get local fruit and supports our local orchards!

We now have a Fall Apple Share, a selection of seasonal apples through the fall! It matches up with our biweekly Fall Vegetable Shares in November and December. Enjoy a peck, or 10lbs, of fresh apples every two weeks from local orchards. Low-spray, IPM. A mix of varieties, all great for fresh eating, apple pie, apple sauce and other preserves. $60 for the four pickups, Nov-Dec.

As we expect to have lots of apples, you can buy this fall share on its own without having a Vegetable Share if you'd like.

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Home-Delivered Shares in Western Mass and Boston

Have Red Fire Farm Shares delivered to your home or office door by Metro Pedal Power, or Halo Couriers!

Boston Area Delivery by Pedal Power
You can have your CSA share delivered right to your door in the eco-friendly, bicycle-powered "trucks" of Metro Pedal Power! We offer delivery to all locations within these neighborhoods: Cambridge, Somerville, Charlestown, Allston, Back Bay, South End, North End and Downtown Boston. If you live in Brookline, South Boston, Arlington, Watertown or Roxbury, please check in to see if your address is within range for home delivery. You can find a map of the delivery area here:

The cost is just $10 per week - it's convenient, environmentally friendly, and supports a growing local business. Our partners, Metro Pedal Power, have been doing a great job delivering our shares since 2008. Your share of top quality produce from Red Fire will arrive at the door of your home or office regularly each week - never miss a pickup again!

Available for Vegetable Shares, Fruit Shares, Flower Shares and Egg Shares.

Really Busy One Day?    Don't Need a Full Season of Delivery?
Get Your Share Delivered "On-Demand" Any Time You Need It

Even if you are not signed up for regular home delivery, you can now call Metro Pedal Power for "On-demand" Delivery of your share any time you need it. Call 617-776-3700 or go to to schedule. (Best to schedule a day or more in advance, or before noon on the day of your pick-up).

To get your share delivered for the season, just check that section on our CSA signup form when you sign up for the CSA. Please call the farm (413) 467-7645 or email us if you would like more information about our new home/office delivery options.

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Locavore Deep Winter CSA - January, February and March!

Eating locally can be a challenge in the wintry months. This year we’ll be storing away delicious root crops, cabbages, garlic and more, and sowing our greenhouses full with winter hardy greens to make it a little easier! Every two weeks in January, February and March we’ll bring things out to share with you! We’re  partnering with the makers of some local products to incorporate them into the share as well, from Real Pickles sauerkraut to apples from local orchards. 

All vegetables will be organic. Items from other producers will be local organic when possible, local IPM (Integrated Pest Management, apples for example) or very locally sourced otherwise. All items will be vegetarian friendly.

Winter vegetables, greens from the greenhouse, and local products. New, frozen or preserved produce selections from the season like peaches, tomatoes and peppers!

Pickup locations in Granby, Montague, Somerville, JP, and Cambridge, as well as home delivery. For pricing and details please visit the Join the CSA page and download the Deep Winter CSA sign up form (available seasonally in the fall of each year).

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Shares From Other Farms & Producers
That You Can Pick up At The Same Time

Fresh Medicinal Herb CSA from Sawmill Farm

herb CSA calendula A variety of fresh medicinal herbs ready to use for teas, cooking, drying, or processing into tinctures or salves. Members choose which herbs they would like to receive from what's available throughout the season. Ten or eleven weeks in the summer season, distributions are every two weeks at some of the Red Fire Farm pickup sites in Cambridge, Somerville, Jamaica Plain and Montague.

The share is perfect for anyone from beginners to experienced medicine makers. Each share comes with a newsletter with how-to tips for using, processing, and storing the herbs in the share - a great way to learn. Find out more about the Herb CSA at the Sawmill Farm website.

Susan Pincus, who managed our production team in Montague at Red Fire, has now started this herb share as her own business! Herbs grown on her land in Florence, MA.

Sawmill Farm is a separate business and manages all the details for the herb CSA shares. The pickups are organized at the same time as Red Fire CSA pickups for easier access. You don't have to have a RFF share to get an herb share. Contact them with any questions!

• Herb CSA Sign Up Form on Sawmill Farm's site
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