What We Grow at Red Fire Farm

Local Organic Flowers !

Flowers from Red Fire Farm

We would love to provide you with flowers for your event. We grow amazing organic flowers at our farm.

No need for distant-grown flowers produced with chemicals toxic to the environment and workers! Clean and vibrant blooms grow here!

Our fresh flower harvest season is from late April through mid-October, and we'll have some dried flowers in the fall. Contact us any time to find out what we have.

Each month has new and beautiful flowers. Tulips in May, Snapdragons in June, Sunflowers in July, Zinnias in August, Dahlias in September (and many others, and these listed are also available in other months :). Here are this season's flower selection by color, and flower selection by season as a reference and place to jumpstart ideas.

Please get in touch with us to choose your seasonal flowers. We arrange bouquets, centerpeices and other designs, and offer buckets of Do It Yourself flowers. We can provide organic flowers directly to your florist for use in their designs also! We sell our flowers at our markets and farmstands. And of course we have flower shares to go with our vegetable shares!

Check out some of these pictures below to get a sense of a few of the options....


organic wedding flower bouquet

Farmer Sarah's wedding bouquet - with kale!
photographed by Studio Foto

organic gladiola in the field Gladiola in the field.
photographed by Julia Res

local organic flowers dahlias Bountiful table bouquet with dahlias and lisianthus.
photographed by Julia Res

local flowers bouquet for wedding reception

Rustic bouquet with all kinds of flowers.
photographed by Studio Foto

local organic sunflower bouquet A mix of beautiful sunflowers.
photographed by Julia Res

local organic flowers edible nasturtiums on a cake Edible flowers! Nasturtium blossoms on a cake.
photographed by Studio Foto

amaranth tomatillo floral design Stunning design with amaranth and tomatillos.
photographed by Studio Foto

monarch on a zinnia Field of gomphrena by the barn.
photographed by Sara Remington

local organic sunflower bouquet Dried flower bouquet for fall! Featuring strawflowers.
photographed by Julia Res

monarch on a zinnia A monarch on a zinnia. We love you, butterflies!
photographed by Sara Remington

Get in touch with us at the farm to set up flowers for your event!

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