Thanks for coming by to make a payment on your Red Fire Farm share!

If you chose $100 Deposit - One Payment option, the share balance must be paid by June 1st before the harvest season begins.

If you chose $100 Deposit - Three Equal Payments option, three equal payments for the balance must be made on July 1, Aug. 5, and Sept. 10.

If you have any questions about your payments, or would simply like more information, please call Ryan or Sarah at (413) 467- 7645 or send email to

Make A Payment


Pay by Check or Dwolla, and you shall be helping us become more viable!
(PayPal charges us 2.9%, which is $15.80 on a $545 share. Dwolla costs us $0.25 per transaction. Dwolla = way better than PayPal). Though we know some people only use credit cards now, so don't worry if that's all you can do.



Please make it out to Red Fire Farm and mail to:

Red Fire Farm

184 Meadow Road

Montague, MA 01351


Please make sure the name of the main contact for the share is on the check in the memo or elsewhere.


DWOLLA - allows you to safely transfer $ from your bank to us

Dwolla makes online paying easy with the same details you give on a check.




PAYPAL - Credit and Debit Cards

Please click on the button, and on the next page, enter the amount of your payment in the "Unit Totals" field, then click "Update Totals."



We accept EBT/SNAP payments at our Granby CSA location, and also at our Springfield Farmers Market CSA. Please get in touch with us at the farm to coordinate using EBT to pay for your share.


Thank you!