2016 Pick Your Own

Note: PYO is only available to Red Fire Farm CSA and Farmstand members.


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As part of your Vegetable CSA membership, you have access to our Pick Your Own patches. The farm is family-friendly, so bring your little ones and check out our land. PYO includes herbs, flowers, berries, peas, tomatoes, tomatillos, hot peppers, and more (changes with the season).

The month of June is the best time to PYO strawberries! Try your best to come before July to ensure you get berries. Late July, August and September are great months to come PYO for other crops, as by then we’re brimming with crops like cherry tomatoes, basil, tomatillos, hot peppers, green beans, herbs, flowers, and ground cherries.

Pick Your Own is a perk for members that can make it out – we still aim to give all members the value of their share in harvested and delivered vegetables :). But of course we want you to come out to visit. The chalkboards located in the barns have the most updated PYO limits and info, so please follow those if they differ from what is written online.

  • If you are traveling to the farm for over 1 hour to do the picking (Boston area and Worcester members), then you probably will come for picking only once during the early summer. This means that when you are here you can pick a lot at once, once the limits have gone up.
  • If you are a member from Franklin, Hampshire or Hampden County and you can easily make it to the farm each week, then we ask that you pick weekly but not as much each time. This is why there are different limits posted for each crop depending on where you are coming from.
  • Farmstand & Market Members ($300 level) can pick a lot at once if desired, but you must pay as you go (by using credit from your card). Prices are posted for each PYO crop on the board. There are sometimes limits on crops for Farmstand Members.
  • CSA members can also pick additional amounts at Farmstand Member prices, as long as limits allow.


What to Bring and Where to Go
Come ready for outdoor weather. Also please bring containers to take your pickings home in, and leave the quart and pint containers for reuse if possible.  For flowers an herbs, please bring your own clippers. If you have a car, share a ride! Meet some other local food loving people. You can post on our facebook seeking rides. Read below to find out which farm location you should visit based on your CSA pickup location.



Open to CSA and Farmstand & Market Members from Granby, Springfield, Worcester and the Boston area.

Pick Your Own details are inside the farmstand in the center of the barn at 7 Carver St., including a map of field areas and a list of picking limits, and often containers for harvesting. You can come to pick any day, hours are 9am – 7pm.
We usually have someone working the farmstand from 9am-7pm who can answer questions. The PYO is all self-serve.

Please park in the Brown-Ellison Park next door, as you will likely be in the fields for a while.


Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Winter Savory, Sage, Chives, Garlic Chives & possibly Chamomile, and Mint!

CSA Members:

Pick as needed, no extra cost.

Farmstand & Market Members:

Pick as needed, no cost.



Raspberries Note: We usually have PYO raspberries at this time of year, but our plants got very damaged by erratic cold last winter, as well as the drought.


We now have a patch on our Montague farm at 184 Meadow Road. This section is small, so there’s capacity for Montague, and Northampton area members only!

Except on Saturday, June 18th for our Strawberry Soiree, when everyone can come to Montague to pick.

Please park on the grass along Meadow Road, not blocking any thruways or driveways. 

Pick Your Own information is at the large old tobacco barn next to Meadow Road near the red hand-painted Red Fire Farm hanging sign. Pick Your Own details will be there, including an informational map attached to the side of the barn facing the road, a list of picking limits, and often containers for harvesting and measuring. Bring containers to take things home!

Self-serve. You can come to pick any day 9am – 8pm. There will be a log book, so you can keep track of your picking if you are at the $300 Farm stand member level, as those members pay half of retail price for PYO items. Please tally your purchases as you go, and we will process them periodically at the office. PYO for CSA level members is free up to limits provided.


Basil, Oregano, Thyme, Winter Savory, Sage, Chives, Garlic Chives, Parsley

CSA Members:

Pick as needed, no extra cost.

Farmstand & Market Members:

Pick as needed, no cost.

Hot Peppers

CSA Members:


Weekly pickers: 12 fruits per week


Weekly pickers: 6 fruits per week


30 hot peppers for the season

Farmstand & Market Members: 

Per 4 fruit: $1.00



DSC_0225 14435170_1209415565796674_6543077421110150415_o

Fun things to do in Montague:

  • Visit our Old Depot Gardens farm stand at 504 Turners Falls Road in Montague, very cute, with our produce and tasty local products.~ 2 miles from the farm.
  • Check out the Bookmill, a cafe with waterfall, used bookstore, cd shop, art gallery, beer. 1/4 mile from the farm stand.


Enjoy the season and the fields!

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