Fall Fashion 2016

Oh My Gourdness! It’s Fall on the Farm! 

With the change in seasons, comes a change in fashion.  That means, it’s Fall Fashion time. Fashion is at its peak with the glory of pumpkins, gourds, winter squash, and so much more. So lets take a look at the latest trends on the farm.

 Find all the awesome featured pumpkins, apples, squash and more at our stands and markets – we are ready for the season!

A big thanks to our models :)

Haley, our Harvest Manager is definitely getting the bang for her bok(choy) as the green proves to be very versatile. It’s a perfect pair with her emerald colored sweater.


Matt with Pumpkins and Apples

Pie pumpkins and apples are Matt’s favorite kind of accessories! They fit perfectly with this color palette and go great with his skin tone.

John and Green Kambocha

Who said shoulder pads went out of style? Much like other fashion trends of the past, shoulder pads are back in! John Lippmann finds that kabocha squash works great for this trend.


Mia looks out, envisioning the bright colors of butternut squash, orange kabocha squash, and delicata squash as a great contrast against the foggy grey fields.

Tim and Garlic 14362659_1199717203433177_8769267565224357030_o

Garlic is a flavor booster for any dish- but it’s also an outfit booster! Here, Tim sports garlic as earrings, truly a timeless classic!


Our organic garlic hanging up in the tractor barn ceiling! Our garlic cures in the tractor barn. Curing fresh garlic dries it out in preparation for longterm storage through out the winter. It cures best in a dry, airy, place-making the old tobacco barn a perfect location.

Bask in the Onions Baby!


Steven and James basking in the onions, as one does. Onions are great for layering (get it) which is perfect for fall weather in New England!

If you would like enough onions to bask in, you can order them in bulk ;)

Steven and yellow onions

Steven personally taking advantage of the layering trend this fall, as he completes his farming attire with a layer of onions! We cure the onions in this greenhouse so they form thicker skins for fall and winter storage.

Thanks for reading! Visit our farm stands in Granby and Montague to get all of these fall delights and more (unfortunately our models are not for sale!) 

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