Drying Herbs

Basil, thyme, oregano, parsely…our PYO herb patches are booming and ready to be picked.  Drying herbs is a simple and rewarding way to preserve summer’s bounty.  Looks neat too!  While some herbs like basil can’t be beat fresh, you’ll be happy to have it dried come winter.



Before drying, wash herbs when freshly cut, then pat or spin dry.  To dry, bunch a few sprigs together with a rubber band.  Hang bunches along a string or from a clothes drying rack in a dry place.  Once your herbs are brittle-dry, crumble the leaves off the stems into a bowl, and transfer to whatever herb-storing container you like.  Mason jars work great.  Remember to label them so you don’t forget what’s what!

It takes about one to two weeks drying time, or more for larger leaves. Once they are dry, get herbs into a sealed container soon so their flavor lasts longer.












Drying Herbs — 2 Comments

    • Hi Cynthia, Sorry for the delayed response – just reading your comment now! I dry a lot of my herbs hanging in my kitchen where they are exposed to a little dust. They tend to dry quickly though, and if I have time to get them into a jar, the dust is no issue. I will also say that I often don’t have time to get them into a jar, and they don’t seem to get too dusty even after a month or so. I like having a few hanging in there all the time as it makes it look homey to me (though this is not recommended for best flavor, color, or freshness), and I use them as I go.

      If you have a very dusty space, you can use the paper bag method. Cut some holes in the sides of small paper bags for air circulation. Hang a string or clothesline through a dry room. Then take a clothespin or two and secure the bunches of herbs hanging inside the bags, perhaps with the top folded over to keep dust out, then another clothespin to attach the bag to the clothes line. I used to do this, and sometimes the structure of the bag would hold the herbs up, and I could just put them on the shelf with the bags standing upright. You can write the herb names on the bags too.

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