Red Fire Farm

Wholesale Information

Please contact us if you are interested in buying wholesale from Red Fire Farm.

Wholesale Plants

Please visit our Wholesale Organic Plants page to learn more.

Wholesale Organic Vegetables & Flowers

We supply our buyers with a weekly produce price list and deliver to Hampshire and Franklin Counties on Fridays. Wholesale deliveries to the greater Boston area happen on Thursdays using bike couriers from Metro Pedal Power. You can also pick up wholesale orders at our various CSA distributions in the Boston area.

Springfield area businesses can pick up wholesale orders at our Tuesday farmers' market in Forest Park.

Check with the farm for delivery days to your area!

For an overview of what we grow and when it is available, see our Seasonal Crop Availability Chart.

Local organic flowers for events and celebrations. We can do flowers in bulk that you arrange, or bouquets of flowers. We also work with restaurants and florists to supply flowers and bouquets.

To order flowers, please contact us at to make a plan.